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Vios Coworking: Building a Happier Workplace

We offer, for the first time in Greece, rented offices designed to meet the
WELL Building Standard, which ensures health and well-being in the workplace.

WELL Design Standards

We focused on a 100 features across 11 concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, Community and Innovation.

COVID-Safe Operation

600 healthcare professionals have focused on 15 different areas, in accordance with health and safety workplace provisions, and advised Vios.

Natural Light Everywhere

95% of our workspaces get natural light during the day. Workplaces should receive as much natural light as possible.

60% Cost Reduction

Among other things, the cost of security, cleaning, operating expenses, equipment, furniture, electricity, internet, water and coffee are reduced.

Solutions We Provide

We have designed a multipurpose workspace that bears no resemblance to any office you’ve seen before in Greece. Vios can meet your every professional need and offer you so much more.


Private Office

Starting at € 245 per month

Flexible monthly or yearly contract

  • 1 to 250 people
  • Redundant blazing fast Internet connection
  • 24/7 access
  • Wellness and sports facilities
  • Natural light and “nature corners”

A fully furnished private office reserved for your exclusive use.


Coworking Space

Starting at € 69 per month

Flexible monthly or yearly contract

  • For the self-employed or flexible worker
  • Redundant blazing fast Internet connection
  • 24/7 access
  • Wellness and sports facilities (varries by membership)
  • Natural light and “nature corners”

Workstation in a tranquil, harmoniously designed shared coworking space with natural light.


Hybrid Office

Starting at € 275 per month

Private lockable office rented per day

  • 1 to 5 people
  • Redundant blazing fast Internet connection
  • 24/7 access
  • Wellness and sports facilities
  • Natural light and “nature corners”

A fully furnished private office reserved for your exclusive use.


Meeting Rooms

Starting at € 20 per hour

  • 1-30 people
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Bioclimatic design with sound insulation
  • Free coffee and water
  • Projection equipment

Our meeting rooms will meet your every need, large or small.


From a Distance

Fiscal address and virtual presence with a physical address in a business district

  • Business address in a well-known business district
  • PO box at our offices
  • Mail handling service
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Call center services

Access to an innovative environment where you can hold meetings and impress your customers.


Event Spaces

Bioclimatic and biophilic environment

Parking services available around the corner

  • Up to 120 people
  • Urban garden 
  • Terrace overlooking Lycabettus Hill
  • Seminar room
  • Indoor amphitheater

Your decoration, catering and equipment needs are 100% covered

Why Us

Vios is the first coworking space in Greece that has turned workplace well-being into a philosophy and has been designed following the WELL Building Standards focusing on 100 features across 11 concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, Community and Innovation.


Our workplace is crucial for our quality of life and well-being. Today, the largest companies around the world, like Google, have started focusing on their most important asset, namely the mental and physical health of their employees.



For a limited time only, take advantage of our very special offer.

Upcoming Events

Open to all ViOS Coworking Opening!
ViOS Coworking Opening!

We are happy to announce we are open for business!

By Invitation Hackathon!

ViOS is hosting the V as in Metaverse 2021 Hackathon

Open to all Digital Mobilities
Digital Mobilities

The official event for digital nomads and remote workers.

Our News And Perspective


The biophilic office, what it is and why it works

What is biophilia?
Biophilia is a term derived from the Greek language meaning "love of living objects". The biophilic design of buildings and office interiors, is the architect’s commitment to bringing the benefits of nature into buildings.For decades, psychologists and sociologists have tried to explain man's innate desire to connect with nature. This relationship between man and nature has been called biophilia and is the biological evolution of millions of years. However, the modern and rapid urbanization (for most part) of the planet has led humanity to distance itself from nature

What is a biophilic design?

In today's society, the biophilic design can be integrated into various sectors, such as health care, retail, education and of course, office space.

We also have the ability to understand the current impact that biophilia has on the economy. Research has proven that spaces that are structured not to include any form of nature, may lead to negative consequences for human health, child development, social security and job satisfaction.
All of the above are directly related to the benefits of business, society, but also health.

A misconception concerning the biophilic design is that it is limited to enriching the space with plants and shrubs. But a biophilic office design is more than that.

A biophilic office should aim to increase natural light, use different colors and combine different natural materials such as wood, metal, and stone. The biophilic office design is complete when complimented with the presence of plants, such as the creation of "living" walls.
Particularly, living walls are the new trend in building design and contribute to thermal insulation and purification of the atmosphere.
Ultimately, it has been proven that natural elements, when transported within the workplace, improve well-being and the overall health of employees.

How the biophilic design reduces labor costs in the corporate environment

The University of Oregon (Elzeyadi, 2011) conducted a study on the biophilic hypothesis* when it is applied to an administrative office establishment. The study concluded that workers who had a view of trees and greenery were not only more satisfied than those who had a view of the street or buildings or had no view at all, but also their own behavior in the office had improved.
Employees who had a view of greenery requested 57 hours of sick leave in the duration of one year, as opposed to the rest who asked for 68 hours.

In another example, a call center in California invested $1,000 (€ 877) in each employee to ensure that all employees had access to the provided view. Their productivity savings were estimated at $2,990 (€ 2,606) for each employee.
By placing greenery and plants in the workspace oxygen levels increased, which in turn increased employee concentration.

Furthermore, the biophilic design has been shown to improve productivity, creativity, well-being as well as maintaining employee skillset.

In the past, the prevailing concept was that empty spaces were the ideal place to increase productivity, because nothing would distract employees, who would hypothetically remain more focused on their work. However, recent research has disproved this theory.

Undoubtedly a biophilic office design requires a larger initial investment when compared to a simple office building design, however it has immediate benefits on health and productivity.
Research has also found that people who work in a more natural environment tend to take their breaks within their office area. Thus, the biophilic design has a direct correlation to employee satisfaction.

Six principles of the biophilic office

These are the six basic principles for a most effective design of a biophilic office.
1. Environmental elements: natural elements such as plants, warm earthy tones, liquid elements, natural light, animals and natural materials.
2. Natural shapes and forms: architecture consisting of curved lines, arches and domes.
3. Natural patterns and processes: stimuli that fuse experiences by igniting the senses or that signal the passage of time. For example. different lighting for different times of the day.
4. Natural light: increased use of light in all its forms - warm, cool, with shapes or filters – which varies depending on the use of each space.
5. Association of space with history: placing the office space within the framework of a larger picture, intertwined with history, culture, geography or spirituality.
6. Human-nature relationship: elements that reflect how our relationship with nature has been shaped. A subtle invitation of curiosity, connection, awe, discovery and shelter.

The general benefits of the biophilic design

In the post-pandemic era, work and workplaces are set to change dramatically. To date we note increasing feelings of stress and loneliness in individuals, as a result of reduced interaction between colleagues and clients. Contact with biophilic elements can reduce stress, blood pressure and stabilize heart rate, making a direct impact on employee performance.

Individuals gain greater job satisfaction and feel more connected to the workplace. For the company in the long run, this translates to healthier, happier, motivated employees.  
All of the above lead with mathematical precision to skill maintenance as well as the minimization of absences.

Large companies design biophilic workplaces

A number of companies have now adopted a more biophilic approach to their workplaces.
Three glass domes ("Spheres") have been built in Amazon's new Seattle office, covering a forest of 40,000 plants.

Exposure to natural elements is known to make people happier and healthier.

The International Living Future Institute windows are wide and employees have more access to natural light and views of the outdoors. The aura created by ventilation systems helps maintain staff alert.

These office spaces include corridors that excite employee curiosity and highlight an "exploratory" attitude, which also contributes to the improvement of their physical condition. Finally, the element of water helps to reduce stress and blood pressure.

Inside the Etsy offices, one of the largest companies in online retail business, employees sit in chairs that resemble a cocoon which is just another way of getting in touch with nature.

According to Google when employees are exposed to more natural light and other biophilic elements then they feel more focused, more creative and are therefore more productive.

Difficulties of the biophilic design

Although humanity wants to return to a more natural world, modern life seems to prevent it. Recent economic and social changes have distanced people from all things green. 55% of the world's population lives in urban areas. According to the United Nations, that percentage is expected to reach 68% by 2050.
As cities become densely populated, builders and architects will have to face increased demands for more workspace and most companies will opt for minimalistic designs, which offer more space and fit more offices - employees. However, this is a short-term solution, which will ultimately damage people's productivity and welfare.

According to a Harvard Business Review, 47% of employees feel tired due to lack of natural light, while 43% feel melancholic. Similarly, further research has shown that potted plants can lower blood pressure and stress.
Biophilic planning is becoming more and more important, because stress-related disorders are increasing daily.

Businesses need to consider how to maintain a biophilic environment and how to assess the potential risk of increasing allergic symptoms. Additionally, as also explained above, as a whole, a biophilic design and the natural elements it introduces to the workplace are beneficial in many ways.

The use of sunlight and natural or green elements will not only improve the appearance of the workspace, it will also make employees more creative, productive and happy.

At Vios we have integrated all research and scientific data on biophilic design, making us the first biophilic co-working workspace in Greece.

Come and meet us in the center of Athens and witness the future of work at first hand.


Effective and beneficial company meetings for everyone

What makes a meeting effective? According to Atlassian, an effective meeting is one that will gather a certain number of people to a physical or digital space, for a very specific reason. The meeting should be open to dialogue and should lead to a tangible result.

The purpose of a meeting should be to focus on the discussion that takes place here and now, rather than being an out of dated communication via email threads.


The fewer the better

Calendly made a list of those who should be present in the meetings:

Agenda of the day

The most vital requirement for a successful meeting, according to the NY times, is its agenda. It is very important to have one in any form (hardcopy, written on the board or discussed at the beginning of the meeting) so that the purpose of the meeting is clear. The agenda works as a compass to the conversation.


The final purpose of the meeting

An agenda is crucial so that the meeting remains on topic throughout its course. Equally important, however, is its ultimate goal. The agenda can only describe its goal-oriented process. According to McKinsey, we often associate meetings with the subject on the agenda and not with our actual purpose.

How many times have we found ourselves in the midst of clarifying that the meeting is taking place in order for us to exchange information and knowledge and to discuss or conclude on a decision?


Time management in meetings

There are four things that can go wrong with time management:

1.    The meeting starts late

2.    The meeting ends late

3.    A single topic dominates the entire meeting

4.    The meeting is too long and participants lose focus

Psychology Today defines time management as the ability of a person to plan and control how time is spent in a day in order to achieve daily goals.


The four functionalities of time management

According to the Project Management Quarterly, time management consists of four basic functions:

1.    Planning: you need to know how to plan your day, your meetings and how you and your team can accomplish set goals. Project managers need to consider issues or obstacles that may arise so that they can make sure that enough time is provided.

2.    Scheduling: managers who are quick to realize the pressure of time, try to adjust scheduling accordingly. Project managers need to understand what needs to be done, what is considered a priority, who can do it and when.

3.    Monitoring: proper time management is about good communication between team members. Part of monitoring is frequently checking the stage of the project and whether it responds to the schedule. A project manager must see how much time is spent on activities, tasks, and all things counterproductive.

4.    Audit: Without exception the time available is the same for everyone. How we each spend it is up to us. Project managers must exercise control so that each task is completed on time. Additionally, any decisions made during a project should not affect its deadline.


Action plan

Each meeting should outcome an action plan. This should be clear, specific and aimed at particular team members. According to Slack the action plan should be channeled towards the right people with specific deadlines. The progress of each task should be monitored during execution. Auditing makes people take their work seriously but also reminds them of their commitments. Furthermore, it demonstrates that their contribution and the time they spend in the meeting is positively evaluated.


Establishing rules

Quite often a discussion can be diverted for various reasons. It is very important that guidelines are created so that meetings are conducted in a civilized and calm manner, even if conflicts arise.

·       assume the other person's positive intention

·       keep possible differences in mind

·       ensure clarification and completion

·       if you detect something, talk about it

·       silence means disagreement


Allow departures

It is important for team members to feel free to determine whether they are useful in a meeting. If someone wants to leave in the middle of the meeting, allow it. This is one of Elon Musk’s basic principles. It is not wrong for someone to leave a meeting if they think they have nothing to offer the team. Many times, if the agenda has 10 different tasks and some members are only related to one of them then it makes sense for them to excuse themselves and return to their duties.

Request feedback

It may sound obvious but how often do you ask your co-workers to give you some feedback after a meeting? Approach them one by one, send a questionnaire or set an action plan to follow-up. Ask if the meeting was helpful or if there are suggestions for improvement in the future. This way you will be able to organize meetings so that they are more productive for all participants.

Google Reviews

Generic placeholder image
Paris Angelika

Υπέροχος χώρων γραφείων στην καρδιά της Αθήνας, με διεθνή στάνταρντς τόσο σε επίπεδο περιβάλλοντος όσο και στον επαγγελματισμό του προσωπικού. Οι χώροι Ευεξίας - γυμναστήριο, χώρος Yoga, Διαλογισμού & Μασάζ - αποτελούν πρότυπο για γραφειακούς χώρους που ακολουθούν την φιλοσοφία Wellness @ Work. Συγχαρητήρια! (Translated by Google) Wonderful office space in the heart of Athens, with international standards both in terms of environment and professionalism of the staff. Wellness areas - gym, Yoga, Meditation & Massage - are standard for office spaces that follow the Wellness @ Work philosophy. Congratulations!

Generic placeholder image
Eleftherios A. Karabatsakis

A very well designed space for all-size groups, or even solo professionals. Outstanding support by the ViOS helpdesk at any time. Flexible subscription packages, plus parking for your city bike. I warmly recommend it - keep up the great work!

Generic placeholder image
Eliza Pi

Ευχάριστο περιβάλλον εργασίας, φιλικό και εξυπηρετικό προσωπικό! (Translated by Google) Pleasant working environment, friendly and helpful staff!

Generic placeholder image
Alexandros Mavromatos

Όμορφο και μοντέρνο περιβάλλον, σε εμπνέει να εργαστείς. Ευγενικό και φιλόξενο προσωπικό. (Translated by Google) Beautiful and modern environment, inspires you to work. Kind and hospitable staff.

Generic placeholder image
Gilles Crofils

On workation in Athens, with a very bad connection where I was staying, I had to find a quick and reliable solution for a long meeting. ViOS has been the fastest to reply for an affordable price. Not cheap. Affordable. Reception was efficient. Room was clean. Internet was fast. Exactly what I needed. It saved my day. Congrats.

Generic placeholder image
George Pagidas

Άψογοι επαγγελματίες, άριστη υποστήριξη κι εξυπηρέτηση. (Translated by Google) Flawless professionals, excellent support and service.

Generic placeholder image
Nassos Kakouris

Ό, τι καλύτερο για τον επαγγελματία που αναζητά χώρο εργασίας υψηλών προδιαγραφών. O μοναδικός coworking χώρος που συνδυάζει εξαιρετικό περιβάλλον, άριστη εξυπηρέτηση σε πολύ λογικές τιμές. Way to go ViOS! (Translated by Google) The best for the professional who is looking for a high standard workplace. The only coworking space that combines excellent environment, excellent service at very reasonable prices. Way to go ViOS!

Generic placeholder image
Stathiss Karopoulos

Just a perfect co-working space.

Generic placeholder image
Yannis Tsifoutis

Being there from day 1, I can only share my opinion as the oldest customer of ViOS. The experience, the feeling and the professionalism of the place is written on every wall. Well priced, perfectly designed and automated, with features not easily found on competition, massively biophyllic and equiped by the most helpful staff members, this co-working space is a gem in the center of Athens. We surely will choose ViOS for our next project, meeting or event.

Generic placeholder image
Spiro Kafarakis

We have been in this amazing space for the last 3 months, the location is exceptional and central to almost every corner of Athens. The design, aesthetic and vibe very much reflects the creative nature of our project and lends to keeping our teams productive and happy. The responsive team has been a dream to work with, we have grown from a few small spaces to multiple floors in the building and they have supported us thru every step. I certainly plan to bring my next project here.

Generic placeholder image
Alexandros Zographakis

Σοβαρός χώρος! Ευγενικοί άνθρωποι! (Translated by Google) Serious place! Kind people!

Generic placeholder image

The first coworking office buliding in Athens certified with the Well Standard! Vios leads the way providing , a safe and healthy workspace , state of the art facililities, high speed internet , friendly and profesional staff . Located in downtown Athens offers easy access . It has been a wonderful experience working in Vios and i highly recommend it to those who are looking for Well-Being in a workplace!

Generic placeholder image
Peter Tsomokos

Amazing place for someone to run his business

Generic placeholder image
Paddy Dalton

We weighed up a number of local co-working options in Athens but ViOS came up on top due to its modern facilities, clean & green credentials, personal attention from the wonderful staff and it being a Greek company, not being operated by a multinational. The office we selected perfectly meets our needs and ViOS will be a perfect partner when our business grows. Everything here is new and the full facilities are being finished over the next weeks. Internet is WOW fast! There is a good mix of local and international co-workers around and it has a friendly and exciting buzz. We love the local area, loads of great cafes and book shops and close to all transport options. Nothing so far has been a problem.

Generic placeholder image
Michael Grammatopoulos Murphy

Amazing co-working space with all amenities provided.

Generic placeholder image
TheTriple Curler

Very good Co-working if you are in athens center

Generic placeholder image
Antony Durán Castillo

I felt comfortable in the private office. I could work properly with its fast internet. If you travel to Athens, I think it’s the best place to work.