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Wellness @ Work

Focusing on our most important asset,
the mental and physical health of employees


We incorporated a gym on our premises in order to help reduce stress, improve fitness and increase productivity. Our high-quality facilities include treadmills, bicycles, rowing equipment, etc. to relieve physical and mental tension.

Massage Room

A place to relief your body of the tension that accumulates throughout the workday. The room has soft lighting, relaxing aromas and music at low volumes. Your daily hour of self-care and relaxation is just one step away from your office. You simply have to book an appointment with our freelance masseuse, who can work around your schedule.

Sleeping Room - Meditation

We have created a special relaxation space where you can rest, meditate or even take a nap (the famous power nap, with its many benefits).

Yoga Room - Personal Training

We have created a separate area from the gym for you to practice with your own coach or yoga teacher. A modern room with a special lighting design, specially insulated and shaped that will help you focus exclusively on yourself.

Quiet Room

We have designed a special corner on our green terrace with an elegant soundproofed design, essential oil aromas and armchairs specially selected for their sound-absorbing properties, so that you can fully concentrate, while enjoying a view of Mount Lycabettus.

Changing Room - Showers

At Vios we have made sure that you can take a refreshing shower at any time of day, and made it easy for you to change into a different outfit for an outing or a meeting.