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  • What are the visiting times for Tours?
  • By simply clicking the "Book a Tour" button on top of the page, you can schedule a visit at your convenience. We are available on workdays from 9:00 to 18:00. You will see for yourself that this is not just your typical space with offices for rent in central Athens.
  • What kind of professionals is ViOS intended for?
  • ViOS meets the needs of every business looking for the most economical and productive workplace solution for this new era of work. ViOS is also ideal for clubs or associations that need an official address and a place to convene.
  • Can I bring visitors or customers?
  • The member is not allowed to use the shared workplaces for conducting meetings or receiving more than two (2) visitors. Private offices, meeting rooms, and telephone booths for Emeetings are provided for the above purposes (provided the COVID measures allow it).
  • Where can I park?
  • There are several car parks right next to ViOS, which you and your customers can use.
  • What are the front desk opening hours?
  • The reception is open from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00
  • Can I bring my own printer?
  • You can bring your printer provided you have rented a private office.
  • What is your policy on pets?
  • For practical reasons we currently do not allow pets in the building, other than service dogs.

  • What COVID measures have you implemented?
  • 600 healthcare professionals have focused on 15 different areas, in accordance with health and safety workplace provisions, and advised Vios so that we can provide you with an environment with the highest level of hygiene and safety. The measures we have taken include, among others: daily disinfection and inspection, ultraviolet disinfection lighting and 100% replacement of indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

  • At which times do I have access to my office?
  • Depending on your membership, you can access all ViOS areas, including the wellness areas, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • Where can I store my food?
  • We have refrigerators available on each floor of the Vios building but Vios is not just your run-of-the-mill rental office space. You don’t need to bring your own food, as we’ve got it covered for you. At Vios, we only serve healthy food options, such as home-made snacks, natural juices, and daily meals that have been designed by a nutritionist and prepared with fresh ingredients. We focus on good fats, low sugar, fiber and healthy sacks, for a balanced diet.
  • What is your meeting room capacity?
  • Meeting rooms can accommodate up to 10 people, the training room can accommodate up to 20 people, and the rest of the areas can accommodate up to 80 people.

  • How long do I have to commit for?
  • Renting an office does not require a multi-year contract. At ViOS you pay per month or per year. Moreover, for some products such as Hot Desks and Dedicated Desk, we give you the option to pay by the day.
  • Are there any other monthly expenses in addition to the membership fee?
  • There are no extra fees. You only pay for your chosen membership package and any services that you choose to buy and use whenever you require them, e.g., a meeting room.
  • Can I sign up whenever I want?
  • Yes, you can start your membership at any time and you will be charged from the day that you start using our facilities.
  • Can I cancel the meeting room if I end up not using it?
  • If you are a member of ViOS you can cancel the booking up to two (2) hours in advance. If you are not a member you can cancel it up to four (4) hours in advance with no extra charge.
  • What payment options do you offer?
  • You can pay by credit card, by direct deposit into our bank account or by cash for amounts under € 100.

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