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The Ideal Working Environment

Our workplace is crucial for our quality of life and well-being.
Vios is the first coworking space in Greece that has turned workplace well-being into a philosophy.

·     Bioclimatic design based on well-documented medical and scientific research and according to the WELL Building Standard, which aims to enhance employee health and well-being by using the principles applied by industry behemoths such as Google.
·     170 square meters of open, green space.
·     110 windows providing natural light. 95% of our workspaces get natural light during the day.
·     Offices with individual temperature control.
·     Special areas for quiet and relaxation such as a massage room and a meditation space.
·     Gym area to blow off steam and improve our health. Companies that instituted fitness programs experienced decreased absenteeism, lower turnover rates and increased productivity.
·     Outdoor spaces to provide employees with an opportunity to reconnect with nature at work.

It seems that the recent trend of bringing the workplace outside has also gained popularity throughout the years. Tranquil and green outdoor working spaces have become a new model of the ideal office.