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Effective Techniques to Deal with Difficult People

Anyone who can effectively deal with difficult people and situations enjoys a real advantage in the workplace. How many times have you interacted in the past with personalities such as the-know-it-alls, the resistant person, the “no” people or the chronic complainers? This webinar provides attendees with techniques to handle difficult people, including a deeper exploration of the 8 skills of active listening as well as an exploration of various styles of negotiation.  Attendees will gain experience and confidence on how best to handle difficult negotiations, even if they don't have positional authority. A lot of problems can be stopped before they start if careful attention is paid to others and their perspectives. 

One main topic of the class will be exploring the 8 skills of active listening:
-  Minimal encouragers
-  Open-ended questions
-  Reflecting or Mirroring
-  Emotion labelling
-  Paraphrasing
-  I-messages
-  Effective pauses
-  Summaries

The second main topic of this class will be an exploration of the Thomas-Kilman styles of conflict:
-  Competing
-  Accommodating
-  Avoiding
-  Collaborating           
-  Compromising

*The webinar will be conducted in English


2 hours

Class Size

Max 25 attendees





Key Course Takeaways

•    Handle difficult people diplomatically and turn around a strenuous situation;
•    Identify your style of conflict/negotiation and learn techniques to handle the style of someone other than yours;
•    Minimize conflict and deadlocks by learning the skills necessary to handle difficult people;
•    Understand your own areas of influence and control;
•    Explore how changes in behavior prevent conflict;
•    Deal effectively with passive-aggressive individuals;
•    Handle your emotions and manage your stress.

Attendees will be engaging with the instructor and each other in an effort to learn to use techniques that may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable to them. Instructor and attendees will move into zoom break-out rooms to help practice skills being taught in the main session. 

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Who Will Benefit

Anyone that is in contact with customers

Bring out the best in people and manage dicey situations.


Develop a mutual-gains strategy.

Upper Management

Focus on productive results in relationships rather than on challenging elements of the interaction.


Scott Tillema

Scott Tillema is a top communication keynote speaker, FBI trained hostage negotiator, and senior associate with The Negotiations Collective. He is a police lieutenant in the Chicago area and has worked with a regional swat team. Scott has developed a model for crisis negotiation, which is now being adopted by those in the private sector for use in sales, communication, and leadership. Attendees of his classes learn how they can negotiate under pressure, bringing greater value to their personal and professional lives.

Scott is a nationally recognized speaker in the field of police negotiations, having presented to thousands of police negotiators at conferences across the country and has also delivered a TEDx Talk, where he presented, “The Secrets of Hostage Negotiators.”

Educationally, Scott studied behavioral science at the University of Wisconsin and later earned a master’s degree in forensic psychology, additionally, he has received negotiation training at Harvard University.

For many years, Scott held the role of adjunct professor, teaching multiple courses in both psychology and criminal justice. He is now faculty with the Schranner Negotiation Institute based in Switzerland, providing negotiation instruction to clients in both the U.S. and Europe, and was recently named as a trainer for the Hostage & Crisis Negotiation International Academy based in Paris.

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