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Persuasion and Influence by a Harvard and FBI trained Hostage Negotiator

Good negotiators are made rather than born. This interactive seminar provides professionals with a framework to conduct negotiations, implementing the power of persuasion when under pressure, using a principle-based approach.  We will explore how people make decisions and how we can use techniques of influence to nudge them in a positive direction and create opportunities for both parties. 

Those in attendance will leave with the knowledge and skills used by crisis and hostage negotiators, and a discussion of how this can be used in the private sector to increase sales, improve customer service, and implement stronger leadership.
 A successful deal is one that is good for your counterpart and better for you.

The main topics would be the four most important principles of hostage and crisis negotiation, which include:

- Understanding

- Timing

- Delivery

- Respect 

*The seminar will be conducted in English


2 hours

Class Size

Max 25 attendees





Key Course Takeways

-  Attendees will learn the FBI model of negotiation and the 8 skills of active listening, while also gaining insights into gathering information during their negotiation. Skilful active listening can calm tensions and get you the information you need to build win-win deals;

- We will discuss working within the window of opportunity and becoming comfortable with incomplete information in order to create the optimal strategy;

- Attendees will learn the 5 critical pieces of delivering a message and will explore why this overlooked piece is as important as the content they prepare;

- We will also discuss the power of emotions within decision-making and how the perceived level of respect, or lack thereof, can disrupt a successful negotiation.  Attendees will identify a few powerful emotional triggers and will learn how to leverage their emotions and use them to their success.

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Who Will Benefit


Develop skills to capitalize on differences and advance reciprocal influence for mutual gain.


Define a process for successful negotiations.

C - Level Executives

Enhance hard-bargaining skills and gain more value.


Scott Tillema

Scott Tillema is a top communication keynote speaker, FBI trained hostage negotiator, and senior associate with The Negotiations Collective. He is a police lieutenant in the Chicago area and has worked with a regional swat team. Scott has developed a model for crisis negotiation, which is now being adopted by those in the private sector for use in sales, communication, and leadership. Attendees of his classes learn how they can negotiate under pressure, bringing greater value to their personal and professional lives.

Scott is a nationally recognized speaker in the field of police negotiations, having presented to thousands of police negotiators at conferences across the country and has also delivered a TEDx Talk, where he presented, “The Secrets of Hostage Negotiators.”

Educationally, Scott studied behavioral science at the University of Wisconsin and later earned a master’s degree in forensic psychology, additionally, he has received negotiation training at Harvard University.

For many years, Scott held the role of adjunct professor, teaching multiple courses in both psychology and criminal justice. He is now faculty with the Schranner Negotiation Institute based in Switzerland, providing negotiation instruction to clients in both the U.S. and Europe, and was recently named as a trainer for the Hostage & Crisis Negotiation International Academy based in Paris.

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